Sony Game Day 2013 teasing something for February 1st, (it’s God Of War: Ascension)

Sony have posted this video without comment on their Youtube channel. There’s no audio and it simply ends with the statement ‘February 1st’. It’s clearly God Of War: Ascension though, here’s why…

God Of War Ascension reveal

Firstly, given the recent God Of War: Ascension single player teaser trailer we’re clearly due something more substantial. Then there’s the fact that the nice lady is wearing what passes for Greek casual wear in the God Of War universe, and she’s a dead ringer for Kratos wife both in old art and the recent trailer. Finally there are the ashes that drift into shot – the dead family ashes that give Kratos’ skin that tortured sheen. So, there you go something God Of War: Ascension this week.