The Last Of Us demo, FIFA 13 tips and 25 PS3 games to look out for in 2013: the PlayStation round up

Your PlayStation weekly round up includes the latest news on The Last Of Us, FIFA 13 career mode tips to help you win the title and a lot of love for a really Welsh fantasy beastie.

Weekend Essentials – Get stuck into a host of gaming treats this weekend with our pick of the latest releases on PS3 and PS Vita.

Obsession Confessions: Killzone Trilogy – Find out what the PlayStation Community’s top moments are from Guerrilla’s thrill-a-minute shooter series.

PS Vita system software update (ver. 2.05) – Download this version of the system software for general bug fixes.

Preview: Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch - Find out how we get on with LEVEL-5 and Studio Ghibli’s adventure of a lifetime.

Preview: Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable - We get our hands on Namco’s bug-busting intergalactic action adventure on PS Vita.

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The Last Of Us demo included with God Of War: Ascension – Kratos’ latest comes bundled with a playable teaser of Naughty Dog’s apocalypse adventure.

Zombie Driver HD crashes into PSN today – The undead, car-smashing actioner hits the Store.

The Last Of Us: Joel Edition and Ellie Edition announced! – The game of the year contender gets two special, character-focused special editions.

Demon’s Souls’ creator looks back at the making of an RPG classic – Creator Hidetaka Miyazaki reminisces about the devilishly hard action RPG.

Dust 514′s beta is now live – Find out all the details on the beta for the ambitious online shooter.

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Time to get giddy about the new year. Here are 25 PS3 games in 2013 to watch out for.

Is the real January window getting you down? Cast away those transfer blues with our FIFA 13 tips for career mode that will help you construct a title-winning team for less than £50 million.

Discover the new monster Kratos will soon be introducing to the business end of the Blades of Chaos in our God Of War: Ascension trailer breakdown.

Our Ni no Kuni PS3 tips will help you win battles, evolve familiars and become best pals with Welsh imps.

The internet has been bombarded with next-gen rumours this week, with PS4 specs allegedly leaked. Next-gen is now… apparently.