GTA: Vice City comes to PSN next week

Time to gear up for another round with your old pal Tommy Vercetti. Yup, PS3 owners will soon have the chance to re-live a PS2 masterpiece while you wait for GTA 5′s release date, as Vice City hits PSN next Wednesday (30 January).

For £7.99, you’ll get the chance to reacquaint yourself with arguably the best game in the GTA series. That mix of a beautiful open-world, the brilliant 80′s soundtrack and a cracking Hawaiian shirt has rightly made Rockstar’s shooty sandbox an enduring classic from the PS2 era.

The only slight dose of pastel suited sadness is Vice City comes to PSN as part of the PS2 Classics range. That means it will merely be an untouched port of a 11-year-old game, rather than the spiffy HD retrofit which recently landed on iOS devices.Ah well, Que Sera, Sera… whatever will Hip Hop, Be Bop.

At least we’ll still get to cruise down the boardwalk and mindlessly mow down civilians to the sounds of Spandau Ballet’s Gold, or revisit such classic locations as Sunshine Autos and the Pole Position strip club. So many blissfully deviant memories, so little time.