Quantic Dream PS4 game domain registered. Has David Cage just revealed his first next-gen title?

The precipitation levels on PS4 may about to get heavier (and way more French) after Beyond: Two Souls developer Quantic Dream registered the domain SingularityPS4.com.

Quantic Dream PS4 game

This follows on from David Cage’s Parisian studio registering the domains heavyrainps3.com and beyondps3.com. Now, unless we’re taking a Grand Canyon-sized leap of faith, it would seem reasonably same to assume Quantic Dream’s first project post-Beyond is probably going to be a game called Singularity on PS4.

Interestingly, the name also ties back into Quantic Dream’s tantalising Kara PS3 demo from GDC 2012. In an interview with Eurogamer, Cage confirmed the purdy robot lady tech demo was partially inspired by a book called The Singularity is Near, which focuses on the future of humanity and how our minds and bodies may be augmented by technology.

The only slight snafu could come from the fact Singularity is of course already a registered game trademark held by Activision. What do you mean you’ve already forgotten 2010′s criminally overlooked sci-fi shooter? Don’t make us bang on about how it’s the closest thing PS3 has ever had to Half-Life… eh, except The Orange Box. Of course, that’s where the glorious world of superfluous gaming subtitles swoop in to save Quantic Dream’s bacon.

Thanks: Eurogamer