Dead Space 3 PS3 preview

Some stuff happens at the beginning of Dead Space 3 that we’re not allowed to talk about. And then some stuff happens that really doesn’t feel like it belongs in a Dead Space game, but we can talk about that.

Dead Space 3 PS3 preview

It involves Isaac being tasked with yet another Marker-destroying, save the world mission, only at the time he’s not in space. Nor is he fighting things that are dead. Instead he’s taking on the Unitologists as they hunt him down on a ruined-Earth style lunar colony. And this…doesn’t really work.

For starters you’re using traditional weapons rather than anything suited to limb dismemberment, and more ruinously there’s no cover system. Which is fine when you’re taking on shambling undead monstrosities, less so when the opposition have guns. There’s a crouch button mapped to R3, but this doesn’t hunker you down behind objects, nor stick you to their sides so you can peek out and take pot shots. Thankfully, the opposition’s military training resembles that of the whacked out cultists that they are, rather than the Spartans at Thermopylae, so Isaac’s escape is straightforward enough.

After that, things take a turn for the Dead Space, as I travel into the galaxies alongside the gruff Captain Norton and the equally gruff John Carver (your now-notorious co-op partner, should you go the two-player route) on a twin mission to rescue Ellie (Mr. Clarke’s love interest from DS2) and follow-up on her latest Marker-based intel. Sadly Norton’s ship swiftly goes the way of most mechanical objects in a survival horror game – that is broken, frazzled and exploded – and the trio have to take refuge on a derelict flotilla that’s orbiting ice planet Tau Volantis.

What wasn’t mentioned in the brochure (“Rust! Floods! Fizzing electrical wiring!”) was the new ship’s necromorph invasion, with the crew being turned to slavering beasts by their latest research trip. And so I’m once again in a corridor dark but for the glow of Isaac’s engineering suit, with Plasma Cutter in hand, just waiting for the ceiling ducts to burst open under the weight of murderous undead flesh. And here things are very familiar from Dead Space 2: a mix of close-quarters combat against a variety of bad guy types, interspersed with some more grand-scale enemies (including a vast tentacle beast that has wrapped itself around some all-important machinery) and a handful of fairly simple puzzles.