Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 preview

Birdie, par,  par, one over… recent Tiger Woods games haven’t exactly troubled the sports games leaderboards. So it’s refreshing to hear that 14 (yes, it’s that time already) is injecting momentum into the franchise with a host of new features, the main addition being Legends mode.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 PS3 preview

This new feature enables you to play as historic golfers from as far back as the late 19th Century – competing with the likes of Jack Nicklaus and Seve Ballesteros, while reliving times when the hems of trousers were raised and tucked into knee-high socks. And who doesn’t miss those days? Oh. All four Majors can be played in this old school style, complete with sepia-toned visuals to really drive home the sense that you’re watching on an ancient projector screen.

Also new are ladies – and mercifully, not the type you’ll find cackling around a Blackpool mini-golf course on a hen do on any given Saturday afternoon. Nope, we’re talking the likes of Americans Lexi Thompson and Stacy Lewis, serious pros who you can take through an entire career on the LPGA circuit. And at any hour of the day, too, thanks to the inclusion of night golf.

Don’t make that face. Yes, it’s a real thing. This added feature allows for live time conditions, so theoretically you can tee-off under the moonlight and play until the sun rises again. Plus, the use of a luminous ball will help you find it as it traces through the sky… and then plummets into the bushes.

You’ll note that most of these tweaks are aesthetic, and until we get hands-on it’s difficult to say how much the gameplay itself has changed. But EA is certainly doing its utmost to reinvigorate the series in single-player, and a wealth of multiplayer amends are coming too – like online matches against up to 24 other players, and a dynamic stat-tracking system that updates leaderboards in real time as soon as a shot is played.

All sounds promising for now, and we’ll have a hands-on preview real soon. Now, if we can just find 23 mates who are into playing golf after dark…