PS4 to ‘feature eight CPUs’ and is ‘closer in design to gaming PCs’

According to the well informed tech experts over at Digital Foundry, PS4/Orbis/whatever you want to call Sony’s next-gen console will pack in a whopping eight core-CPUs. On the GPU-front, PS4′s graphics card could well be similar to AMD’s Radeon HD hardware, if Foundry’s sources are to be believed. We’re gonna need a bigger bo… eh, more pixels in our HD tellies.

The hardware ninjas suggest a GPU similar to AMD’s Radeon 7970M could form much of the basis for the techology powering the next PlayStation’s no doubt astonishingly purdy visuals. The site even suggests PS4′s graphics tech could be more efficient. ‘Running at 850MHz and featuring 20 of AMD’s “Graphics Core Next” compute units, our information suggests that Orbis shaves off 10 per cent of that number, offering up 18 CUs in total, and sees a mild downclock to 800MHz. Incorporated into a design dedicated to cutting-edge visuals and gameplay, this hardware has some serious potential.”

The article then hints at what’s been widely rumoured for some time, mainly that PS4 will be mostly constructed from off-the-shelf PC components, rather than the sort of propriety tech seen with PS2′s Emotion Engine or PS3′s Cell Processor. ‘The AMD connection that defines both Durango and Orbis confirms that both consoles are much closer in design to gaming PCs than their predecessors, which may result in stronger ports to the computer format.’

If this is true the days of difficult to develop for PlayStation ports will hopefully be consigned to history, along with banana-shaped DualShocks and SixAxis controls.

Thanks: Digital Foundry