New God Of War: Ascension trailer punches you in the eyes with single-player gameplay

…in a good way, obviously. This new teaser trailer from Sony Santa Monica gives you a peek into God Of War Ascension’s single player workings. It exhibits some grand and exotic destinations, knee-buckling bosses big enough to use the Titanic as a toothpick and a liberal smattering of the all-important bashing, thumping, punching, walloping and clattering that Kratos loves so.

God Of War Ascension gameplay

We’re knee-deep in trailer analysis right now dissecting the new monsters on show, so check back tomorrow when we’ll have an in-depth breakdown for you. That’s right, we’re gonna get all ancient mythology on you. Because edu-tainment, that’s why.

We’ve been getting our hands awful bloody with GoW: Ascension’s multiplayer beta too. You can see our efforts in the multiplayer modes here.