PS4 could ditch the DualShock

PS4 controller

Sources are reporting that the familiar DualShock controller might not make the leap to next-gen. Instead you could be holding something entirely different when you finally get to fire up a PS4. [NB: that's not an actual PS4 controller people, just an early PS3 prototype.]

No DualShock for PS4

Apparently the new controller has “has undergone numerous iterations, few of which resemble the DualShock” according to one source. The rumour is that Sony’s R&D department have been testing out numerous alternatives with the aim of, ”trying to emulate the same user interface philosophies as the PS Vita”. An LCD touchscreen has been mentioned and motion control seems likely. This patent for a combined PlayStation controller and Move controller is one example. There’s also been talk of biometric sensors on the grips which ties into this PS4 patent.

Thanks CVG.