PS4 to be 50% more powerful than Xbox 720 according to CES gossip

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The talk emerging from the Consumer Electronics Show has pinned the PS4 down as 50% more powerful than the Xbox 720. [Ducks.] I’m just reporting the facts (rumours) here so don’t throw any fanboy rocks at me, I’m just the messenger.

PS4 50% more powerful than Xbox 720

The numbers are based on the next PlayStation 4 having a rumoured run-capability of 1.84 teraflops compared to Xbox’s also rumoured 1.23 teraflops. A FLOP is a floating point operation per second and a standard way to measure a computer’s performance. Tera means a trillion. In short: a lot of FLOPS be flopping. The maths also actually workout around 66% but who’s counting?

It’s hard to make a direct comparison because the PS3 currently uses the Cell CPU clocking in at 230.4 gigaflops and an RSX GPU running 400.4 gigaflops. Although as giga means a billion there’s a whole magnitude of difference between PS3 and PS4 if the numbers are true. The new PS4 is supposedly using an AMD’s A10 APU which combines a CPU and GPU, hence the single figure.

There are some balancing factors though. PS4 is said to have 4GB of RAM compared to the 720′s 8GB although both have portions reserved for running the OS and other bits and pieces, making the difference more like 3GB to 5GB.

Several rumours are currently pegging a $350 PS4 announcement early this year so we might well find out soon.

Thanks VG247.