Kevin Butler and Sony kiss and make up. Sorta

Kevin Butler


And by ‘kiss and make up’ I mean ‘settled out of court’ after Jerry Lambert, the actor who plays Butler, appeared in an advert featuring another, non-Sony gaming console. For shame.

Kevin Butler and Sony settle out of court

The legal action started after Jerry Lambert’s production company Wildcat Creek made an advert for  Bridgestone Tires. An ad that involved playing a rival console. Sony, understandably weren’t happy at all and charged him with breach of contract.

Lambert’s now settled (although Bridgestone are still fighting) by acknowledging that, “his contract with Sony precluded him from promoting or endorsing competing game systems” and also that, “at the very least, confusion was created in the minds of some consumers who believed he was portraying the Kevin Butler character in both the PlayStation and Bridgestone commercials”.

It’s not clear whether Kevin Butler will return although part of the settlement states that, “Kevin Butler character remains the property of Sony and Lambert is barred from playing the character without Sony’s permission”. That does sound pretty no-ish.

Thanks Mediapost.