DmC: Devil May Cry tips – here’s our guide to making the demon slaying that little bit easier


Don’t worry about your combo ranking

DmC is basically about looking cool while killing an inordinate amount of stuff. But much like looking cool in real life, the key is to not try too hard. Consider that rank counter in the top-right corner the DmC equivalent of the kind of sneering peer pressure that pushes you into doing stupid stuff in a bid to impress. Try too hard to please it and you’ll send yourself into a panicked mash-frenzy, and before you know it you’ll be drunkenly riding a shopping trolley through the college car park naked while smoking, and someone will have to call your mum to collect you. Metaphorically, obviously. Probably. The real way to get good is to ignore ranks and just take your time exploring what you can do with the actual combat. DmC is designed to be inviting, open-ended and accessible, and learning what’s practically useful is a lot more fun and productive than trying to be impressive. But ironically, that’s exactly what will make your fighting impressive and bring those S ranks rolling in.