WWE 13 DLC Pack 3 – which moves go with which wrestler?

WWE 13 DLC pack 3 has just hit PSN – and if you want to know which moves from the new Moves Pack go with which superstar, then read on.

WWE DLC Pack 3

Sadly, there’s a chance WWE 13 is THQ’s last ever wrestling game, with the license due to be auctioned off – along with THQ’s other assets – later this month. But if this is to be its last hurrah, it’s certainly been more Ryback roar than Alicia Fox squeal. The game’s final DLC pack was released this week, and in this content video we showcase the seven wrestlers included in it: Brian Pillman, Chainsaw Charlie, Damien Sandow, Antonio Cesaro, The Usos, and Layla. More importantly, we guide you through the new Moves Pack, explaining which holds and slams you should assign to which wrestler, and how exactly to do it. Enjoy.