Far Cry 3′s Vaas started life as ‘Bull’, actor led evolution to final character

Vaas original

It’s been mentioned before that Ubisoft redesigned Far Cry 3‘s Vaas around Michael Mando, the actor who played him. But it’s only when you see the original concepts that you realise just how much he evolved.

Far Cry 3′s original Vaas

The first idea for Vaas was a slab of meat who was meant to intimidate visually thanks to his bulk and a bunch of scars. Speaking to IGN executive producer Dan Hay admits, “We absolutely didn’t get it right on the first go”.

This character, referred to as ‘Bull’, was, “like a 300-pound, six-foot-tall bull mastiff dog” according to level design director Mark Thompson. That all changed when Michael Mando auditioned. Thompson explains he “had a completely different physicality” which lead to a more streamlined Vaas, nicknamed Pyro, a “volatile, explosive, rage-filled” character. A subtler take for sure but still a monsterised visually rather then through any form of character portrayal.

Pyro Vaas

Mando’s final performance, once cast, finally changed Vaas into what appeared in the final game, scrapping all the blatant physical characteristics in favour of the actor’s performance and ticks like mood swings and fiddling with bandages.

Vaas final

Thanks IGN.