Siren heading to PSN Tuesday 15th

Siren PSN

The genuinely nasty Siren is heading to PSN next Tuesday according to former executive producer Takafumi Fujisawa.

Siren on PSN

It was probably the last great true survival horror game on PlayStation with a gimmick that let you sight-jack the monsters around you to avoid them and solve puzzles. It was a nasty effect, letting you see through the eyes of the creatures chasing you and, if you were ‘lucky’, letting you see yourself die. It also used an interesting facial capture system where actors’ faces were filmed and overlaid on character  models much like a PS2 version of LA Noire. “We were on a mission to formulate a form of fear or horror that would resonate with an audience regardless of their cultural background, and to deliver that from a very intentionally Japanese perspective” says Fujisawa. Mission accomplished.

Thanks EU Blog.