GT Academy to get reality TV show – 6 episode ITV series charts rise from gamer to racer

The yearly Nissan/PlayStation GT Academy event is to get a reality TV show this year. The event brings together the best Gran Turismo players together from around the world to compete for the chance to become a real life racing driver.

GT Academy reality TV show

At stake is the chance to compete in 2013′s Dubai International 24 Hour race. 830,000 gamers from 14 countries competed for the chance in 2012 and the 6-part ITV4 show will follow the six finalists’ progress as they go head to head at the Silverstone Circuit “in a gruelling set of driving, physical and mental challenges designed to measure what it takes to become a modern day professional racing driver”.

The show will start on Monday February the 4th at 8pm and be hosted by Craig Doyle.