Shadow Of The Colossus film gets Hanna scriptwriter

Seth Lochhead is the latest name attached to the oh-God-are-they-really-going-to-try? film adaptation of Sony’s Shadow Of The Colossus.

Shadow Of The Colossus THE MOVIE

Lochhead, the scriptwriter behind child assassin flick Hanna, joins Chronicle director Josh Trank. The project’s been floating around since 2009 with an early Justin Marks script. However, seeing as Marks is responsible for Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li it’s probably best someone else have a go.

The only way I’m going to buy it as a viable idea though is if they go with the game’s original dialogue free approach. Although that does reduce a screenplay to:

Fade in.

Mountains EXT – establishing.

Boy attacks enormous monster.

Repeat x 16. Try to look cool.


Thanks Hollywood Reporter.