PS4 announcement rumoured for February. Sony to “formally unveil PlayStation 4 console”?

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Spurious internet claims are talking about PlayStation 4 being revealed this February. Fueling or dampening the fire, depending on your take on conspiracy, the report everyone’s been quoting has since been taken down.

PS4 announcement rumoured for February

The story originated at a website called Expert Reviews, which claimed it had been told that February’s PlayStation Destination event would be used by Sony “to formally unveil its next-generation PlayStation 4 console for the first time, showing off pre-release hardware ahead of an expected 2014 launch”. The original story with the claim has now gone – dum dum duuum – although the event’s scheduled for the 25 of February so we’ll find out soon enough.

It’s a retail event rather than a media or public show so it’s possible there could be some early, behind closed doors PS4 meetings. Several outlets are suggesting that the end of PS2 production means Sony is paving the way for next gen. The Destination PlayStation registration site only mentions, “The amazing new releases coming from Sony Computer Entertainment America in 2013″, although it’s obviously not going to have “secret PS4 room” marked on the map. [Checks.] No.

Thanks Expert Reviews, Develop, PlayStation Destination.