PS2 production ends – the world’s most successful console no longer being made

Sony have confirmed the PlayStation 2 has ceased production worldwide, 12 years after it launched in March 2000.

PS2 production ends

The PlayStation 2′s designer Teiyu Goto said that, “the design had to inspire a great leap forward compared to the [original] PlayStation”. That’s something the console achieved admirably, selling 153 million units worldwide as of March 2011, beating the original PlayStation’s 102.49 million units. It also beat the record for reaching a 100 million units shipped which it did in 5 years and 9 months. Clearing the PS1′s previous record of 9 years and 6 months with ease.

Combine those numbers with the fact that over 1.52 billion units of software had been sold by the end of 2010 and that makes the PS2 the most successful game console of all time. It’s a record that’s going to take some beating so its production coming to a close really is the end of an era. The most successful PS2 game? That would be GTA: San Andreas with 17.33 million sales.

Thanks Guardian.

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