Official PlayStation Magazine UK on sale now: Beyond: Two Souls, the best games of 2013 and the latest PS4 rumours

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This month we’re looking into the future-uture-uture. Sorry echos don’t work well as text. Our big cover feature is a huge look at the big games of 2013, starting with Beyond: Two Souls. We’ve been to see the game and speak to David cage about how, “he doesn’t want to give people what they expect”.

Official PlayStation Magazine UK latest issue

2013 featured latest issueAfter our extended Beyond preview and Cage interview the feature then goes on to explore the rest of this year’s biggest PlayStation games. Everything from DmC to Bioshock Infinite, GTA 5  to Tomb Raider and loads more. If it’s happening this in 2013 we’ve got something to say about it.

Also looking to the future we round up all the PS4 rumour there is to lok at what the next gen could bring – the technical specs, the services, the games, the whispers of a PS4 anti-second hand game tech. And, finally, the possibility of a 2013 release date.

2013 next gen latest issue Elsewhere we round off 2012 with out full game of the year breakdown, looking at the best of last year. There’s insight from the team, developers and readers on the games that made last year special. We look into the chances of Mirrors Edge 2 and discuss whether it’s time for Call Of Duty to call it a day.

Then we’ve all the usual previews and review with games like Anarchy Reigns, Army Of Two: Devil’s Cartels, Far Cry 3, Zone of the Enders HD collection and loads more.

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