The best PlayStation games of 2013 – what’s releasing when this year

Dead Island Riptide new character & info


The month of fools and rain brings with it a slight dip in PS3 releases, zombie fans have got Dead Island: Riptide to look forward to, plus a certain television series returns for what is sure to be an explosive third season…

  • Yep, Game of Thrones Season 3 is on Sky Atlantic on April 1st, just one day after its shown on HBO. Although spring is here, winter is most definitely coming.
  • The zombies are back in open-world survive ’em up, Dead Island: Riptide, out on PS3 on the 26th
  • Also out on the 26th is sci-fi tie-in Star Trek. Please don’t let it be rubbish.
  • Comic book brawler Injustice: Gods Among Us completes the month’s line-up, releasing on PS3 on an as yet unconfirmed date during April