The best PlayStation games of 2013 – what’s releasing when this year


The big month as far as PS3 is concerned, and while many of the games we reckon will be coming out in November haven’t even been announced yet, you can be sure there will be some absolute crackers released. Plus, if PS4 happens to be released during 2013, this will surely be the month.

  • Huge sci-fi epic Ender’s Game hits cinemas on the 1st, adapted from Orson Scott Card’s incredible novel of the same name
  • The blockbuster action continues with mythological sequel Thor: The Dark World releasing on the 8th
  • Games then. There’s got to be another Call of Duty, although whether it will be Modern Warfare 4 or something entirely new remains to be seen. Ubisoft like to play their strongest cards in November, so expect Watch Dogs to drop around now, and – although this is entirely speculative – possibly Assassin’s Creed 4
  • Sports wise, the Formula 1 season draws to a close with the Brazilian Grand Prix on the 24th
  • Cricket fans need to stick the 21st in their diary, as this marks the start of the First Ashes Test from Brisbane, Australia