Official PlayStation Magazine’s best of 2012: the top 10 games you voted for


Borderlands 2

The setup’s basically identical for this sequel as its predecessor – tons of missions, millions of guns – but it’s tighter, with better presentation, objectives, locations and – most importantly of all – co-op pushed right to the forefront. To really understand what makes the four-man co-op chaos so much fun, you need to get stuck into a Saturday-afternoon session with friends that won’t mind a torrent of industrial-grade swearing if they mess up or steal that gun you’ve got your eye on. Mates that’ll quickly respond to your constant cries of “Helpmehelpme!” when you invariably run into a ‘badass’ enemy (Borderlands 2 speak for ‘really killy’). As a co-op looting quest-’em-up, there’s little out there to match Borderlands 2. It’s a bizarre but perfectly pitched mix of FPS and MMO gameplay, full of collection-heavy, enemy-offing missions that create some of the best teamwork-based adventures you can have on PS3.