Official PlayStation Magazine’s best of 2012: the top 10 games you voted for



A few heads were turned in July 2011 when Bethesda announced a new project manned by Deus Ex lead designer Harvey Smith and Half Life 2 art director Viktor Antonov, but it wasn’t until early 2012 that we saw Dishonored’s true value as a mechanically sleek first-person experience and a truly emergent player-directed adventure. Corvo finally let first-person fans off the tiresome rollercoaster they’d been stuck on since Call Of Duty: Black Ops. Its memorable moments aren’t set-pieces put in place by the developer; instead they’re the result of giving you a toolset bursting with possibilities, dumping you in a playground with some AI and letting whatever happens happen. It’s not flawless, but clearly it’s a rock-solid foundation for a sequel, or maybe Arkane Studios will push more boundaries with another new project, but either way Dishonored won’t merely be remembered as an important game in 2012 – it’ll also go down as one that influenced the class of 2013 and beyond.