Official PlayStation Magazine’s best of 2012: the top 10 games you voted for



Scraping into the top 10 with a last-gasp winner is the finest football game ever made. And while Far Cry 3 may well have taken this spot had Ubisoft’s brilliant open-worlder been released a bit earlier, only ardent haters of the beautiful game would deny that FIFA is here on merit. The core mechanics of shooting and passing haven’t changed much, but then they didn’t need to, and what’s been built around them this year is undoubtedly impressive. The new Match Day feature really does make you feel connected to the wider world of football, and little touches in the career mode – such as Alan McInally announcing scores live during your games – add to this even further. Throw in the new mini-games and an online offering that’s way ahead of its rival, and this sits pretty at the top of its genre for another year.