The ultimate Dishonored tips guide – speed runs, walkthroughs, endings & more

The path of blood, or the path of shadow? That’s the question Dishonored’s leading man Corvo Attano faces at every turn through the dilapidated boroughs of Dunwall. Ghosting through levels undetected takes patience, skill and willpower, and the rewards of a ‘low chaos’ playthrough are considerable. Then again, killing people is really fun, and it seems a shame to waste all those incendiary darts. So which is the best approach? How should you play this game?

By using all of the above, and more still. There’s no wrong approach to Dishonored, but there are plenty of tips and tricks to help you be the best murderer, speed-runner or ghost you can be. Here, we lay Dishonored’s secrets bare, show you how to complete a level in two minutes flat, and explore solutions you never considered to the game’s best moments. Get ready to become an honours student in 2012’s most exciting sandbox.

General tips       

Choked out

Fall damage, drowning and swarms of rats can all kill sleeping guards left in danger.

Moving Bodies

You can Blink with a fella on your back – use this to stay hidden and dispose of bodies quickly.

Rat Summoner

If you need to fit through a small gap, use Devouring Swarm and possess a minion.

Blink Smart

Blink’s inexpensive to cast, unless you use it before the Mana gauge refills. Be patient…

From The Heart

Listen to that creepy-ass heart for long enough, and you’ll find out who it belonged to.


Map your most-used powers to the D-pad by pressing any direction when a power’s highlighted.

Three ways to… take down a Tallboy       

What to do when you’re face to face with Dishonored’s toughest enemies


Dishonored tips 1 Whale Oil is the lifeblood of Dunwall’s fantastical inventions.

It’s also highly volatile, and there’s a canister of it attached to every Tallboy’s back. Zoom in with R3 and fire off a few incendiary or regular crossbow bolts, and the canister will explode and weaken the lanky lad’s armour, leaving him vulnerable to regular ranged attacks.


Dishonored tips2 The Tallboy’s primary advantage is a vertical one.

Like, obviously. That’s worth keeping in mind in situations when you can get on level terms with one, though. If you can drop down on to one, they’re as vulnerable to drop-kill assassinations as anyone else. You’ll need to get to a rooftop, then blink directly above them to pull off this move.


Dishonored tips3 The least graceful of Tallboy execution methods is also the most enjoyable.

You’ll find formidable sentry turrets called Watchtowers in the game’s trickiest sections, usually accompanying Tallboys. Blink on to the Watchtower’s platform and use a rewire tool to have it decimate the local Tallboy populace for you. Not easy, but more than worth it.


Three ways to… duel with Lord Shaw       

A simple side-mission that’s just bursting with sick possibilities


Dishonored tips1 Lord Pendleton gives you a letter to deliver to Shaw

before you embark on the mission to eliminate Lady Boyle. You’ll find him outside the party with two cronies in the garden, waiting to challenge you to a duel. A gentleman would draw his pistol, walk to the designated spot, then turn and fire at him without using any supernatural abilities.


dishonored tips2 A sneakier character, though, would use the Bend Time ability

before the crucial moment, then pull out the sleep darts to knock the trio out before they even hit the ground. Unpause time and watch them collapse like bags of spuds. Do make sure you actually have three sleep darts before committing to this one, mind.


dishonored tips3 For a super-sadistic takedown, ready the Bend Time ability.

Wait for Shaw to fire and – at that very second – stop time. His bullet should be suspended in mid-air. You can simply pinch it from the air, or use Possession to hop into Shaw’s body and walk him into the path of his own bullet, then pop back out and unpause to watch him shoot himself.