New Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes images as Snake shows off his lunchbox

Well technically Kojima’s lunchbox but anyway. The images show off Kojima Production’s new tech by 3D scanning the meal and placing it in the room used previously to demo FOX Engine tech. Crucially Snake’s Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes character model stars.

New Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes images

The PS3 lunch box was part of a gift from Sony Japan to celebrate Metal Gear’s 25 anniversary. Believe it or not the faces are all edible and Kojima and team did eventually eat them. But first they scanned it in using FOX Engine’s 3D capture tech. According to a slightly shonky Google translation of his Japanese Twitter feed this is, “put out on the actual “FOX Engine” the quality of this much in about 2 hours”. It’s a good look at Snake’s new look, and you can see the actual food being devoured after that.