Bully, Midnight Club & Red Dead Revolver hit PSN, £7.99 each

Last week we had GTA San Andreas hitting the Store now we have Bully, Midnight Club & Red Dead Revolver all landing on the PSN. And for a fairly friendly £7.99.

Bully, Midnight Club & Red Dead Revolver on PSN

Here’s the spiel from Rockstar themselves along with a breakdown of all the games in case you have no idea what any of them are. In which case you might be on the website…

In addition to last week’s release of San Andreas in the PlayStation Network’s PS2 Classics Collection, a trio of Rockstar titles from the PS2 era are now available to download from the PlayStation store for £7.99 each. 

Bully (Canis Canem Edit in Europe and Australasia)

Set in the fictional New England town of Bullworth, Bully tells the tale of young Jimmy Hopkins as he experiences classic high school clichés and attempts to navigate through Bullworth Academy. Jimmy must work his way up the social ladder of this demented institution of supposed learning, standing up for what he thinks is right and taking on the liars, cheats and snobs who are the most popular members of the student body and faculty.

Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition REMIX

Tear through the living city sprawls of Detroit, San Diego, Atlanta and Tokyo at breakneck speeds. REMIX features the entire original Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition game plus all the content included in the special Remix update – over 20 additional vehicles added to the original roster spanning all car classes. 

Red Dead Revolver

The precursor to Red Dead Redemption, this third person shooter is a classic tale of vengeance and the story of Red Harlow – a bounty hunter prowling the untamed frontier and bringing justice to wicked bandits, while desperate to unravel the identity of his family’s killers. Many classic characters from the game, including Red, were featured as multiplayer avatars in Red Dead Redemption’s Legends & Killers Pack.