The best PS Vita games, The Last Of Us release date & Gaming Christmas gifts: the PlayStation round up

New The Last Of Screens

This week we look at the best PS Vita games, a new The Last Of Us trailer confirms its release date and we look at some extravagant gaming Christmas gifts.

Weekend Essentials - Batman returns to PlayStation along with Grand Theft Auto and Spyro, as we take you through our picks for a slam-bang weekend of entertainment.

Top Tips: LEGO The Lord of the Rings - Want to defeat Sauron once and for all in LEGO The Lord of the Rings on PS3? These hints from Traveller’s Tales may help…

10 of the Best: PS Vita games - Grab the perfect festive gift or add even more quality to your games collection with this selection of top titles for PlayStation Vita.

PlayStation Store arrives on computer - Visit on your PC or Mac for an unrivalled selection of games. movies, TV series and more for your PS3, PS Vita or PSP.

Trophy Cabinet: Red Dead Redemption - Ride off into a platinum-tinged sunset with this saddlebag full of advice from the official PlayStation Community.

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The Last of Us: New trailer, release date and pre-order content revealed! – The Last of Us is coming, and now we know when. Watch the stunning new trailer and read up on some great pre-order bonuses.

PlayStation Home update – Xi: Continuum is here – Strange things have been happening in PlayStation Home – Xi: Continuum has arrived. Can you unravel the riddle?

God of War: Ascension multiplayer beta coming soon to PS Plus – If you’re a PS Plus subscriber, you’ll get access to the God of War: Ascension multiplayer beta. See the sights here!

Interview: Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert descends into The Cave – Look behind you! A three-headed monkey! Gaming legend Ron Gilbert gives us the scoop on The Cave – an adventure 20 years in the making.

Community update: Far Cry 3, Home Q&A, Game of the Month – Far Cry 3 Fun Events and a week of Q&As with Home developers can be found in this week’s Community Update.

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