PlayStation’s biggest makeovers – gaming characters who changed their look


Ellie – The Last of Us

The dynamic that exists between The Last Of Us‘ lead protagonists Joel and Ellie has long since been established: Ellie gets into a tight spot, Joel runs in and clobbers the problem with a blunt instrument. But while the relationship has been constant since the game’s announcement in December 2011, Ellie’s face has been… well, not constant. While developers Naughty Dog claim the above change to her dainty features was made to make Ellie appear younger and closer to her mo-cap actress, Ashley Johnson, popular speculation is that the real reason was that Ellie’s first iteration looked a little bit too much like Ellen Page. Not that looking like Ellen Page is inherently a bad thing – the problem was that the real¬†Ellen Page had already lent her likeness to David Cage’s Beyond: Two Souls, also set to be released in 2013.