The Phantom Pain / Metal Gear Solid 5 gets screens

The Phantom Pain slash Metal Gear Solid 5 dev Moby Dick Studios has uploaded a bunch of screens to its sham site. They’ve also added a statement: “All footage is shown running in real-time on hardware equivalent to current generation consoles”.

The Phantom Pain / Metal Gear Solid 5 screens

There’s also a curious disclaimer stating, “Moby Dick Studio and our representatives do not currently operate through any social medias such as Facebook or Twitter, except for YOUTUBE”. That Youtube channel currently only hosts a version of The Phantom Pain / Metal Gear Solid 5 trailer which was apparently uploaded personally by CEO Joakim Mogren. ‘Joakim’ is an anagram of ‘Kojima’. You can find that and a whole bunch of other reasons why The Phantom Pain is Metal Gear Solid 5 here.