The Phantom Pain announced, might be Metal Gear Solid 5

A completely new game The Phantom Pain was announced at last night’s VGAs and the whole thing’s so loaded with Metal Gear Solid 5 clues it’s almost embarrassing.

 The Phantom Pain/Metal Gear Solid 5 trailer

The game’s supposedly being developed by the newly formed Swedish Moby Dick Studios helmed by one Joakim Mogren a previously unheard of American dev. Aside from the fact that the main character looks like Snake ‘Joakim’ is an anagram of Kojima. Here a whole other list of evidence that suggests this is MGS5:

  • The resemblance between The Phantom Pain’s star and Snake from Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes right down to matching facial scars.
  • The ‘phantom’ reference ties into the ‘Two Phantoms were born’ tag from Ground Zeroes.
  • One character appears to be Volgin from MGS 3, plus there are white flower petals echoing the scene in Snake Eater where Naked Snake kills the Boss.
  • The logo even has space to perfectly slot in ‘Metal Gear Solid 5′

The Phantom Pain Metal Gear Solid 5