PlayStation bundles, Far Cry 3 DLC and the best Christmas present games: the PlayStation round up

Far Cry 3 high tides

This week the round up checks out the latest PS3 and PS Vita bundles, Far Cry 3′s PS3 exclusive DLC and the best Christmas present games.

Weekend Essentials - Batman: Arkham City on PlayStation Plus, Mass Effect and Uncharted: Fight for Fortune… let PlayStation brighten up your weekend.

Bundles of fun - Start your PS3, PS Vita or PSP adventure with a great value hardware and software pack from PlayStation.

Win BIG: PS Vita plus 6 games to be won - Sign up to Inside PS Vita for your chance to win a PS Vita system and six top titles.

Game On - Start your week with news no Batman fan can miss, and see if your passion for Call of Duty: Black Ops II matches one record breaker’s…

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PS Vita’s Soul Sacrifice: Leviathan and Ghost Mode Revealed – Comcept founder and gaming legend Keiji Inafune with an update on his new ation RPG.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Hands-on with Kat and Emmett – SuperBot offers some insight into how the first DLC characters will play.

Far Cry 3 continues the insanity in January with High Tides DLC – The co-op DLC pack for Far Cry 3, High Tides, is coming exclusively to PS3.

Hands-on with BioShock Infinite for PS3 – We have an early look at the very impressive new entry in the BioShock series, due out early next year.

Spyro the Dragon returns to PSN next week! – Our little purple friend Spyro is upon us!

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