Dead Island Riptide’s undead upgrade: “barricade-building and mines makes complete sense”

dead island riptide new screens

[Update: here are the latest Dead Island Riptide screens.]

Dead Island Riptide creative producer Anthony Cardahi has spoken about the zombie sequel’s new features which include defendable hub areas, improved gun play and fresh zombies types.

Dead Island Riptide’s new features

The new ‘defense hubs areas’ are, “a really big feature” according to Cardahi. “They introduce something that is a classic zombie trope that you see in a lot of movies, where survivors fortify a location and try to hold on as long as they can,” he explains. These see you building barricades and using things like mines to hold back the undead. “It’s something that makes complete sense in the world of Dead Island,” he thinks.

dead island riptide new screensWater is also important thanks to the bad weather that’s messed up the island. “The monsoons that were mentioned in the first game have now come to the archipelago,” says Cardahi. “So a lot of the areas are flooded. This then allowed us to bring in the boats, which open up a lot of new gameplay possibilities in regards to movement and exploration”. There’s also a new dynamic weather system. “That allows us to play around with the atmosphere of the game a lot more thanks to the different lighting systems, from sunny blue skies to dark, torrential rains storms that will obscure your visibility”.

One area that was definitely due an upgrade is Dead Island’s unpredictable gun play. “The ranged combat in the original was only pushed during the middle and latter stages of the game, and ammo was really sparse,’ explains Cardahi. “As such, most of the tweaking and balance time was focused on the melee combat and not so much on the shooting”.

“It was a great hassle to get any kind of efficient headshot in the first game,” he admits, “but now we’re putting the ranged weapons and lot of ammo into the early stages of Riptide”. Cardahi claims the improvements are obvious. “Because of the new shooting system, headshots are now really devastating. You can also improve and upgrade the guns to the same level as melee weapons. Guns now represent a completely viable combat choice that you can maintain throughout the game”.

Finally Cardahi revealed a new zombie type: “The first one we’re talking about is called the Grenadier. He’s a lumbering monstrosity who has cancerous growths all over his body and he flings parts of his body at you. He’s a ranged attacker, which brings a freshness and variety into how the zombie combat takes place.” He sounds lovely.