New The Last Of Us trailer gets a trailer, new character revealed

There are precisely 6 seconds of new The Last Of Us footage in this 33 second trailer teasing a full reveal at this year’s VGAs. That’s news these days. Still it’s interesting-ish, feeding back into the oft mentioned point that co-lead Joel is not a nice person.

New The Last Of Us trailer & character

There’s also a first look at the character played by 24′s Annie Wersching. She’s been previously mentioned as a cast member by creative director Neil Druckmann and the actress playing Ellie, Ashely Johnson. Nothing’s been said about the new character other than the image tweeted by GTTV host Geoff Keighley who said, “Meet a new Last Of Us character”. However, the fact Wersching herself re-tweeted the image suggests she thinks it her.

The new trailer will be revealed fully on December the 10th at this year’s VGAs.

The Last Of Us trailer