FIFA 13 PS3 patch incoming: fixes invisible ball glitch, career mode freeze and disconnect issue

FIFA 13 invisible ball glitch

I don’t play or follow football but even I can understand that ball visibility is something quite high on the agenda. So this upcoming FIFA 13 patch is probably quite welcome.

FIFA 13 PS3 patch

The patch is available on other formats now with the PS3 release to be “announced as soon as the dates are confirmed”. Here’s what it fixes:

• Freeze in Career Mode after acquiring youth scouts.
• An invisible ball appearing in other game modes after exiting FIFA 13: Ultimate Team.
• Removal of Guest Play in FIFA 13: Ultimate Team. In order to address a separate issue, we’ve decided to temporarily remove Guest Play from Ultimate Team. We apologize for the inconvenience.
• Rare disconnect in the FIFA Points purchase flow.

Thanks EA.