Soul Sacrifice gets custom red PS Vita bundle and March 7th release date

Keiji Inafune’s monster battling Soul Sacrifice is getting an impressive looking custom PS Vita and bundle ahead of its March 7th release date. It’s Japan only so far but have a look and say you don’t want it.

Soul Sacrifice gets PS Vita bundle

The limited edition red PS Vita comes with headphones, a cleaning cloth, case, a 4GB memory card and a wrist strap. That’ll all set you back ¥29,980, which would be about £230 if it makes it over here.

The game itself is a four player co-op action horror that sees you fighting sorcerers who’ve turned into demons through over using magic. The upgrade system sees you gaining powers by sacrificing things – the size of the offering affects the amount of power you get. A tree won’t get you much but a limb might, as long as you don’t mind becoming a monster in the process.

Thanks AGB.