Sony patent combined Move/Dualshock hybrid controller

Combined Move Dualshock contoller

The patent was filed back in 2011 but only published last week. It shows a combination of Move controller and Dualshock, with a pad that can be split apart to play games.

Sony thinking about combined Move & Dualshock controller

The patent shows a variety of design ideas with the main extremes appearing to be two combined Move wands or a Dualshock shape that pulls apart. Diagrams also show how a game might detect the joined/split configuration of the device inorder to request the approprate state for playing another image clearly references a ‘CELL PROCESSOR” suggesting this is PS3 bound idea rather than PS4.

You can have a look at the whole patent here. A few months ago another patent revealed Sony’s plans for a heat up Move controller for thermal feedback.

Thanks Sixthaxis.

combined Move/Dualshock patent