WWE 13 DLC release date is 4th December

Good news, Ryback fans: wrestling’s newest main eventer will be winging his way to PS3 for the first time in WWE 13 next week.

The opponent-munching beast – whose motto, much like ours between 1 and 2pm, is ‘feed me more’ – is part of the second DLC pack for WWE 13, which has been confirmed for 4th December in the US in a tweet by American fight reporter Arda Ocal. (That means 5th December in the UK, as the PlayStation Store updates on Wednesdays.)

Ocal writes: “Interview with @Ryback22 coming Dec 4, same day as his DLC release in #WWE13. Learned from him Ryback = Ry(an) + (Silver)back!”

Wrestling fans have been desperate to know the release date for this second pack since the game’s release on 2 November, but until now publisher THQ has declined to confirm a specific day.

Also contained within the pack are Scotland’s own Drew McIntyre and Japanese ‘rassler Yoshi Tatsu, as well as giant lummox Tensai, Hart Family hottie Natalya, and the very very lovely AJ Lee. (Think we’re exaggerating her very very loveliness? Watch our recent interview with her here.

Each wrestler costs 59p, and a further pack containing Antonio Cesaro, The Usos, Natalya and Damien Sandow will hit PSN in January.