Black Ops 2 online woes see leaderboard scores deleted, but a fix is a comin’

Oh dear. Another week, another problem related to the wacky world of folk virtually offing each other online. Black Ops 2 has recently suffered problems were certain gamers’ leaderboard scores (including all their playtime data, KD ratio and prestige rank) completely disappear.

Naturally, these issues are going down roughly as well as eating a dolphin sandwich at Sea World on the Black Ops 2 forums. One user, called Fxritto, has posted an incriminating video showing his hours of online effort in Black Ops 2′s online modes being nuked from the map.

Fret not, though, COD fans. The game’s developer is on the case. Treyarch’s twitter account has proclaimed “Since this morning’s backend update, we’ve been made aware of leaderboard issues that some are having — we’re looking into it, stand by.” This was followed by another statement where the studio reassured fans work was ongoing on the issue. “Currently working through server side issues re leaderboards. They’ll be re-enabled as soon as we’ve fixed the issue. Stand by.”

Have any of you beautiful people fallen foul of these Black Ops 2 multiplayer problems? Shout at us (with your indoor voices) in the comments. In the meantime, why not read our Black Ops 2 PS3 review for the verdict on the year’s biggest shooter.

Thanks: Joystiq