Xi: Continuum burns Home & it’s up to you to save it

Noticed anything weird in Home recently? Any small fires? Strange video clips? You’re going mad. No wait, it’s another weird AR/community game challenge thing from the Xi people nDreams.

Xi: Continuum hits Home

In case you missed the original Xi it was a strange mix of challenges and puzzles both in Home, online and in the real world with websites, posters and other objects being chased down by 600, 000 players. It even had actual origami letter folding as one clue (see all the puzzles here) for people trying to solve the mystery of… I’ll be honest I forget the ‘why’ but a lot of people got excited about figuring it all out.

XiContinuum8Now nDreams are back with Xi:Continuum, a sort of follow up that addresses one of the original game’s main issues. Originally, if you didn’t join in at the beginning you’d never be able catch up. As  nDreams CEO Patrick O’Luanaigh points out, “The downside of it was if you didn’t get in at the beginning and start it with everyone else then it was really hard to catch up. And after it was finished it was done”.

According to O’Luanaigh the idea with Xi: Continuum is that you, “can play the game live if you want to, if you start on day one, day by day. Every day new missions, new areas, new spaces unlock; websites that tie in to the game and link in to your individual progress. So you put in you PSN ID it links and syncs with you”.  The benefit is that whether you start now, or a few months down the line you still get to enjoy the experience.

O’Luanaigh explains the story, “It’s set in this virtual city where the normal rules don’t really take place. The idea is there’s this character called Eatflamingdeath (It’s sort of like a PSN ID) who’s wreaking havoc. The idea is that over the last 12 months things in Home have been burned down and damaged, so actually some of Sony’s spaces have seen fires, things being destroyed and broken”. The more observant Home-goers have already noticed this and when the game launches (no official date yet) they’ll be able to start investigating and tracking down Eatflamingdeath.

It is paid for this time after a free intro bit to draw you in (the origina Xi was free) but for a fiver you get 47 days of updates and missions as you progress, a massive apartment, loads of in-game bits like companions, and something described as a “mysterious cola machine”. It’s also set in what is apparently the largest Home space ever.

Much of the gameplay is under wraps at the moment but two core elements involve searching for items using a scanner, balancing it’s ability to find stuff against the drones that home in on it. There’s also a turn based combat system against in-game opponents and friends and puzzles. And this is only chapter one. A second chapter is already under development and there are more planned.