Official PlayStation Magazine UK new issue on sale now: Black Ops 2 review, tips, gaming guilty pleasures and more

This month we’ve not only got the verdict on Treyarch’s blockbuster shooter Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2, but tips on how to dominate online multiplayer from the devs themselves. Plus: our gaming guilty pleasures, reviews of Assassin’s Creed III, Medal Of Honor: Warfighter, and much more.

Official PlayStation Magazine UK

It’s an overwhelming ‘pretty good’ for Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 this issue: our own David Meikleham gets to grips with Treyarch’s futuristic shooter and awards a respectable 8/10.

In fact there’s a bit of a COD theme running throughout the mag this month. We’ve only gone and given you the complete developer’s guide to Black Ops 2 in the same issue, haven’t we? Well, ’tis the season after all. All the advice you could ever ask for packed inside one issue.

We’ve all got a game or two in the old collection we’re not too proud of. The one you keep in a Metal Gear Solid 4 case, but is actually Duke Nukem Forever? Look, it’s alright. Everyone has a few gaming guilty pleasures. This issue, we confess to you our darkest pixellated sins.

As well as all that lot we’ve got the usual range of previews, news, review and plenty more, so get to it: it’s in shops already. You can also get Official PlayStation Magazine UK on Zinio, if you so desire, or on Apple Newsstand.