PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: 10 tips from Seth Killian

Know your characters


It goes without saying, but knowing the strengths of your characters will save you a considerable amount of grief in the heat of battle. ‘Kratos is a strong close to mid-range fighter,’ asserts Killian. ‘Parappa excels close up. Nathan Drake is really strong at mid-range – he has a lot of projectile attacks. Evil Cole has got some tricks – a sort of ‘Superman’ attack where he flies across the screen at you, which builds a lot of AP, and at range he can throw grenades.’ But what if you want to take on the big boys as PlayStation’s hessian mascot, Sackboy? ‘The best strategy with Sackboy is to drop an electric pad on the ground, set up your fan and then launch his projectiles into it. The fan carries them across the screen with increased velocity.’