Metal Gear Rising Cyborg Ninja skin, “will be included in all EU versions of the game!”

Metal Gear Rising Cyborg Ninja DLC

[Update: I've just been told this by Konami's UK twitter, "Just thought you should know, the Cyborg Ninja skin in MG Rising will be included in all EU versions of the game! Thank you!".]

Gamestop US is currently offering the original Metal Gear Solid Cyborg Ninja as a pre-order bonus skin. So far we’ve only seen a Metal Gear Rising Collector’s Edition offering steelbooks, Raiden figures and armour DLC but that’s huge and expensive. This is probably the first of a few smaller offers

Metal Gear Rising Cyborg Ninja DLC

There’s no word on a UK option yet with Gamestop UK not mentioning the offer. The US site does describe it as “exclusive to GameStop” so fingers crossed we’ll get it somehow. Here’s the speil from the site:

More details
Pre-Order Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and receive the “Cyborg Ninja skin”!

Assume the identity of legendary Cyborg Ninja from the original METAL GEAR SOLID exclusive to GameStop. Players will be able visually enhance themselves as one of the most iconic characters from the MGS universe, all while leaving a path of destruction!

Source: Gamestop US