Rough drafts: 10 PlayStation classics we never got to see


Uncharted – The difficult teenage years

We got to see a snippet of Nathan Drake’s formative years in Uncharted 3, when a cadre of clumsy-footed baddies were chasing the larcenous young scamp over the rooftops of the Colombian city of Cartagena. But Uncharted: Golden Abyss, the series’ first outing on the PS Vita, was going to give us another look at Drake Jr., following him part of the way through his rocky time at university. Originally, the story saw Drake dropping out and running scams on campus, falling for a post-grad archaeology student and only then going on to Uncharted’s bread and butter of globe-hopping treasure hunting. Other content cut from the finished game included “grave robbing in Mesa Verde, lost temples in the Louisiana swamps, a museum heist during a hurricane in New Orleans and a boat chase through the Grand Canyon,” according to Golden Abyss director, John Garvin.