Hey, cousin! The worst game mechanics on PS3


Fracture – Landscaping

You can see the thinking behind Fracture’s environment-warping toolbox – with every other big-name shooter offering mission paths as linear and spectacle-driven as a bobsled run in a fireworks factory, ruining a sniper’s sightline with a giant molehill sounds like a fresh, novel method of keeping your squishy internal bits away from the business end of his rifle. The problem is that it’s just not as effective as, say, using a rocket launcher. It’s all a bit too Alan Titchmarsh: digging holes here, making piles over there, flattening that bit out, plumbing in a water feature – we’re fighting a war, not the defending champion at the Chelsea Flower Show. If terrain-deformation was just one of many gadgets in Fracture, we’d be fine with it. But as the driving force for a whole game, it’s the definition of gimmicky.