70 millions PS3s sold to date. Andrew House victory dance unconfirmed but likely

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Sony have announced lots. Lots of everything. 70 million PS3s have now been sold worldwide with the ”cumulative number of software titles” now at 3,590. Here’s a breakdown of all the numbers in the stat heavy press release. Want to know how many games support Move? You are so in luck.

PS3 sells 70 million units worldwide

Here are all the key facts from Sony’s press release:

  • Sony Computer Entertainment today announced that the cumulative sales of the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system reached a milestone of 70 million units worldwide as of November 4, 2012 – less than six years after the platform launched in 2006.
  • SCE also announced that sales of the PlayStation Move motion controller surpassed 15 million units worldwide as of November 11.
  • PlayStation Network now operates in 59 countries and regions around the world.
  • PS3 owners can access 170,000 downloadable digital content including 57,000 game content worldwide from PlayStation Network.
  • The PlayStation®Move motion controller is now supported by more than 400 title as of November 2012.
  • Cumulative number of software titles for PS3® reached 3,590 with more than 595 million units sold worldwide.