PlayStation All-Stars getting free DLC next year: Gravity Rush and Starhawk inbound

gravity rush

[Update: see the latest PlayStation All-Stars' DLC screens showing Starhawk & Gravity Rush in action.]

PlayStation All-Stars lead designer Seth Killian has announced two free pieces of character DLC in the shape of Starhawk’s Emmett Graves and Gravity Rush’s Kat.

PlayStation All-Stars free DLC

The two characters will be free to download for the first two weeks they’re available. Although they are only currently dated as, “early next year”.

In keeping with the current roster each will have their own game-specific attacks. Emmett will use, “Starhawk’s unique “Build-in-Battle” system, calling down help from the sky,” says Killian. While “Kat’s approach turns gravity on its head with some mind-bending new ways to move as she positions herself for her unique brand of aerial assaults”.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is out November 23rd.

Thanks EU Blog.