Sleeping Dog’s publishing troubles “gave us a year to polish and tune”

Sleeping Dogs True Crime Hong Kong

According to Sleeping Dog‘s producer Dan Sochan getting dropped by Activison allowed developer United Front time to make the game what it was on release. He also says, “You really need that additional time to come out with something really polished”.

Sleeping Dog’s working holiday

“We were just about alpha,” says Sochan on the game’s progress when Activision let it go. (Alpha means all the features are in, but in a rough, unfinished way). “So we were pretty far along and at that point we had a 4-5 month gap that let us really focus on the core aspects of the game,” he explains. “Once we were with Square it gave us a year to really polish and tune the experience, and get some fresh eyes on the game. It was a great partnership for everyone”.

Sochan says the extra year was spent doing, “More user testing, spending more time polishing features. We developed the majority of our own technology as well”. This extra work was important, “When you’re doing all that and you’re making a brand new game in a space that has some pretty big titles already you really need that additional time to come out with something that’s really polished. I think Square really understand that. They’ve worked on similar titles in the past with Batman Arkham Asylum and Just Cause. So they knew what it would take for us to get there and to make a great game”.

So, was it all worth it? “It’s been amazing. It’s exciting to us to see that same sort of response from the media, from the fans. It really has been a dream come true. We’ve always felt very strongly and passionately about the game and we’ve continued to work on it in-between publishers because we felt we had something unique and special”. And what about a sequel that’s almost certain after the game’s success? “I can’t really comment on a sequel thing right now. Our main focus is on putting our quality DLC so people see value and continue to want to show interest in the franchise. Then we can evaluate and look at it at that point”.