Sleeping Dogs getting ALL the DLC this Christmas

Remember when United front said they were planning 6 months of Sleeping Dogs DLC? They really weren’t kidding. Somewhat nebulously dated for “the holiday season” are 5 different packs filled with stat buffing costumes and cars.

Sleeping Dog’s DLC blow out

Only one of the packs is story-based, the Zodiac Tournament Pack. It sees Wei Shen invited to an Enter The Dragon style tournament and includes, “An new island off the coast of Hong Kong, featuring multiple themed fight arenas, new enemies, bosses, story-extending cutscenes and two new outfits featuring new looks and powerful new fighting moves.

The other packs, the Dragon Master Pack, Character Packand Drunken Fist Pack all focus on a range of costumes. No word on pricing yet. Click on for all the press release images and info.